12 Best Fun Camping Ideas For Families

Welcome! I have come up with some great fun camping ideas for families. A family camp is an unbeatable experience. The best memories can come from those moments where there is nothing around but nature, fresh air, and the company of those we love the most.

This is an experience that you have to try at least once in your life to know what and how it is, then each one will be hooked in their own way.

Well, you’ve made up your mind, now what? Well, here we offer you a series of easy tips and good ideas that you can do as a family during a camp and have a great time.

Family is better

When we talk about camping, many will think of crowded pools, arcades, and a list of activities as shown in the movies. And while these can be fun, it’s also nice to be able to take a break from all the hustle and bustle in favor of family bonding.

The best advice we can give you is to plan everything very well. Although camping is synonymous with adventure, it is not a good time to improvise.

This means selecting the right site, making the appropriate reservations, ensuring that food is covered, and implementing simple activities that involve all members of the family.

You can start with your favorite board games, group sports like soccer, and hiking to acclimatize and break the ice, the important thing is to be together and make the adventure with your family a special moment. Let’s see a few and if you applied them, tell us in our comments section how you passed it.

12 Fun Camping Ideas For Families

12 Fun Camping Ideas For Families

1. Game time

Playing games together at camp is a popular option for many families. Opt for tabletop ones that pack easily. Card games like UNO are another good option because they are small and can fit anywhere.

2. To move the body

If the intention of being outdoors is for your family to get active, forget about technology and get a little exercise, then sports activities are your allies.

As a suggestion, we give you football, the flying disc, and the popular “Grab the flag.”

The bicycle can be an excellent ally. It is a very fun and active way to get to know the surroundings. If it is activities for children’s camps, try to avoid them having to go out on the road.

Choose accessible field trips for the age of the participants. Hermitages, fountains, centenary trees, or viewpoints can be the points to visit during the excursion

3. Go hiking

Not all fun camping ideas for families have to be games. What would good camping be without a trail or hiking tour? At the end of the day, it is the best way to get to know the place so it is a basic and versatile element when it comes to camping.

To make the experience unforgettable, prepare your backpacks in advance and have your poles handy.

A day of walking is perfect to get to know the surroundings better, exercise, and have a great time. Also if you have a dog you can enjoy the walk to the fullest.

A variation on the hiking theme is a nature scavenger hunt. Kids love it.

Definitely, the best time is the summer, as long as it does not rain, but you should be aware that it will surely be hot in the nose, which can make the experience not as you imagined it.

4. To guide us

A small map and a compass are two tools that can generate exciting adventures, especially for the little ones.

If you’ve planned the trip in advance, you can take an easy compass course a few days in advance and see how well the kids can follow the directions. A mountain GPS is also usually a great help although not so exciting.

5. Try Geocaching

Geocaching is an adventure game for GPS users. Basically, people all over the world create hidden objects or characters and then cache coordinates on the internet. Other GPS users visit the caches and sign a guestbook, or take an article and leave an article.

Before the trip, look for caches online near the area where you are camping. Then use your GPS and go exploring. This game is ideal for millennials, which will ensure that they do not get bored and integrate more easily.

6. Storytelling

The traditional tales at dusk around the campfire cannot be missed. Ghost stories are popular, and a good mystery will always be welcome.

You can also try a chain story where one person begins the story, invents a plot and some paragraphs, and then passes the story to the next person, so each one will add their personal touch to complete a story that can last hours with an unexpected end.

7. Let’s cook together

If you are on vacation, it is not fair that the burden of chores falls on Mom’s shoulders, right? Integrating the whole family when cooking can strengthen ties and make mealtime a different time. The food will surely be much tastier.

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8. Build a campfire

Working together to build a safe, roaring campfire is exhilarating. Make sure you have dry fuel and always do it in designated places in the camp. It is also important to observe children around the fire whenever it is lit.

Do not forget to take all the safety measures such as placing rocks or a fence around it to prevent it from expanding.

For mom and dad, sitting by the campfire for hours is easy, but not for young children. You can bring books to read or a compilation of jokes and riddles to make the moment more entertaining.

9. Fluffy and delicious

Campfire + chocolate + cookies + marshmallow, does it remind you of something? It is almost the perfect grilled food, but sometimes the variety is the taste.

How about adding Oreos, berries, or bananas? The possibilities are as endless as your imagination and the results are often delicious.

10. Perform Skits

A little humor, a cheesy performance, and a witty response can create great memories.

Nothing makes camping nights more fun than good rounds of skits. Try it, the laughs will not wait.

11. Let’s count stars

We may not be professional astronomers, but thanks to the smartphone app called Sky Guide that uses your compass and camera to tell you exactly what you’re looking at, everything will be different. Whether it is a star or Jupiter, you can observe it together through your cell phone screen.

12. Goodbye technology

Giving up technology can be one of the best ideas. You can try flying a kite, putting together puzzles, or making Lego figures.

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